EAL Teacher Position

EAL Teacher

Horizon Japan International School seeks an experienced, dynamic, and flexible EAL teacher to build and maintain a successful EAL Program which includes providing support for students with English language needs and preparing EAL students for accessing the curriculum in English. EAL Teacher’s Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting the mission, vision and philosophy of the HJIS
  • Developing and executing the preparation, planning and delivery of EAL classes and activities for students
  • Grouping strategies using a variety of different learning situations, including whole class, small group, partner work and individual work
  • Building on student capabilities and differentiating to meet student needs
  • Planning to ensure that ‘students achieve more than they think they can’ by collecting and using information on student performance
  • Planning which emphasizes connections among curriculum areas and explicitly focuses on trans-disciplinary skills and the essential elements of PYP and MYP program
  • Planning in a collegial and professional manner with peers, showing respect, being prepared and on time, and adhering to the school wide meeting norms and team’s essential agreements at all times
Working Hours Working Days
8:00am – 4:30pm Monday-Friday

Complete and submit an application to Horizon Japan International School before the final filing date. Please have your resume and letter of recommendation to submit them through your application form.